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DUETTE® Energy Savings Calculator
This DUETTE® Energy Savings Calculator is brand new and has been developed based on scientific research. With support from the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (solar protection product range), the office of engineer Professor Hauser (calculation engine) and partner IT companies, the Energy Savings Calculator is based on a complex computer simulation whose structure takes into account the considerable requirements for professional building energy assessments (thermal/dynamic simulation as an engineering process in line with DIN 4108-2: 2012).

Particular points for consideration in the calculations include:

  • average boundary conditions of use for different types of house/apartment and types of room;
  • hourly weather data for three regions in Europe, which will be used in future as the "average climate" for energy calculations;
  • geometric data for a room type with variable window sizes;
  • building component constructions for a building of average weight

The following are in use as product-related dimensions for each material quality level:

  • the Delta-r values generated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics;
  • the Fc values produced in the glass/solar protection system.

In the simplified form of the calculation used here, the actual energy values for a window situation can be calculated for the cases specified. In a professional building assessment, the precise values are taken into account on a case-specific basis, e.g. depending on the location, the exact window measurements and the actual room specifications and components present. For this reason, Hunter Douglas is not liable for the calculated energy saving potential being achieved.


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